Dr. Malaika Simone Thomas is an Illinois State licensed dentist. She graduated from Howard University with flying colors and had been a recipient of Darryl Hawkins Memorial Scholarship and Colgate-Palmolive Scholarship. She had been practicing as a General Dentist for US Army DENTAC in Georgia from March 2001 up until September 2012.  At that point, Dr. Thomas relocated to Chicago, Illinois where she works in private practice that focuses on the under served populations of the community.Over the years, she had shown utmost excellence and passion towards her work that gained her various recognition in the field of dentistry as well as in fashion. Dr. Thomas had been very active with volunteer works, civic groups and was also invited as a VIP guest at Macy’s Fashion Show “Dress for Success” just recently. She is a self-made image of success and a diva in her own right.  Just recently, because of work and dedication with the Revive Teeth Whitening System, Dr. Thomas was nominated for the prestigious Stiletto Woman in Business Awards 2013.  It was announced that Dr. Thomas is a finalist in the following three categories:  Start-up Business of the Year, Product Based Business of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year (Beauty and Wellness) Just recently in March 2013, Dr. Thomas won the Stiletto Woman in Business Award for Start-up Business of the Year 2013. 


[slider][/slider]Dr. Thomas is also the proud CEO of White Lotus Dental Spa, LLC, an online enterprise for professional teeth whitening products. which is headquartered in Chicago, IL. Dr. Thomas’s expert scientists  have spent years perfecting the unique proprietary formula found in REVIVE Teeth Whitening System which provides strong whitening power while significantly decreasing tooth sensitivity. She is the first African-American dentist to brand and market a fantastic breakthrough of a take home teeth whitening kit that’s proven to be safe, effective and very cost efficient. Unlike other brands, REVIVE Teeth Whitening System aims to be globally competitive, making it top priority to deliver a teeth whitening system that conforms to high quality control and international standards. Launched recently, on September 16, 2012, this magnificent breakthrough product is now available for you to discover and purchase online The first retail location is set to open in 2013 in Chicago, Illinois.  It will be the first of many to come!